babyfireflyx (rhiahnnon) wrote in teeandess_crew,

i've been lurking

..but I finally wanted to show my face and my love for T & S. I saw them in concert for the first time this year and I was blown away..They are truly sexy & phenomenal as are their fabulous fans..♥
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I just got 3 YSI to my inbox (to the email I put out yesterday to send Buddy Holly stuff to) so I assumed they were Buddy....
Nope... 3 whole albums of Tegan & Sara?!

Now I have no idea who they are so since you're a Tegan & Sara comm I'll post the links here (I'll comment them as I can't be bother to join etc)
(Albums are (in no order) "If it was you", "This business of art" & "Red Demo")