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I thought I would introduce myself :)

I just found this group today. I've been a T&S fan since late 2005/early 2006 when a friend of mine recommended "Walking With A Ghost." I dove deeper and uncovered my new obsession. :P

Name or alias- Julie, but a lot of people call me Jewels
Location- Good ol' Kansas (gag me)
AIM name- I don't use AIM
Favorite Tee and Ess song at the moment- That's so tough! My top songs are probably "Monday Monday Monday," "I Hear Noises," "So Jealous," and "Living Room," but I change my mind constantly :P
What you'd do to charm you way into Tegan and/or Sara's bedroom- Hmmmm... I plead the fifth!

P.S. I ordered the 4-CD Tegan and Sara CD bundle from and I got it yesterday in the mail. It came with a signed postcard of the girls that I hung up on my fridge. Yup. I'm a goober.

P.P.S. I'm going through the archives starting with the very beginning in 2002. DAMN, I need a life...
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